About the hosts

TIM FRANK has always loved a good campfire tale, that is, telling one.  When not playing with words, he plays with a camera, dabbling in a bit of directing, even flexing his acting muscles.  He can also be found singing on lead vocals, backed by years of classical training, and has performed at Disneyland.   

Favorite Disney animated film: Lilo and Stitch  

Favorite Disneyland attraction: The Haunted Mansion 

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CITIEE OLSON loves to read - novels, comic books, almost anything - and only wishes she had more time these days to do so.  She likes to lose herself in her favorite music, sometimes fooling around with the instruments.  Sometimes she sings.  And sometimes she plays the crap out of the latest Nintendo games.  Also, cats.

Favorite Disney Princess: Jasmine

Favorite Disneyland attraction: Space Mountain


EVAN CRIADO is a gamer.  Board games, video games, D&D - you name it, he's playing it.  Also known to binge on audiobooks.  And sing, much like his co-hosts.  In fact, as you are reading this, he might just be competing in some secret underground karaoke battle that feels a lot like Mortal Kombat.  Or maybe it's nothing like Mortal Kombat, maybe he just really likes shouting "Get Over Here!"

Favorite Disney animated film: The Emperor's New Groove

Favorite Disneyland attraction: The Jungle Cruise.