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This is the Mouscape Podcast episode 25, and this week Tim and Citiee will be exploring the latest news and rumors before discussing Tangled's biggest supposed plot hole: Why does Rapunzel's hair go brunette when Flynn Rider gives her the big haircut?  Earlier in the film, only the hair that was cut off turned brown.  Shouldn't the hair still attached to her head remain blonde? 

Here’s the thing, the internet is full of bad information. 

We all know it.  Some blogger somewhere decides that some plot point in a popular tv show or movie doesn’t add up, and decides to shame the idea full stop.  Which then multiplies when scads of web trolls start beating the same drum instead of critically thinking through all the information at hand.  

Look I get it, it’s fiction.  All I’m saying is there’s usually a good answer.  PLOT HOLE or PLOT WHOLE?

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