It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights:  Kermit and friends are coming to ABC primetime this fall, and we'll be here each week to recap the latest episode.

This week Tim and Citiee are talking up Episode 4: Pig Out.  Listen in as we cover comedian problems, Chuck E Cheese birthdays, fresh eggs, random people who also play the banjo, sucker signs, vats of chocolate pudding, karaoke parties, astral projection meetings, loving someone for a million lifetimes, shirt shooters, being afraid of hospitals, Ed Helms, Don't Stop Believing, slap and drags, Swedish sushi, Muppet-swearing like a sailor, what PHD stands for tonight, the Vacation movie kids, Beaker doing Piggy impressions, controversial castings, Piggy portraits, and ask Kermit "What'd you do?"

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